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Always moving. Always in the game.

Bridging performance, game, with the metaverse with single-camera motion capture


A dance game where you are a player and a performer

With plenty of digital identities

Democratize Motion Capture.

Dancing game that use a simple CELL PHONE to capture movements

Use Case 1

Motion-Driven Dancing Game

Use Case 2

Metaverse Scenography

Use Case 3

Virtual Fashion House


Mocap Dance Game

Dancing game that use a simple CELLPHONE to capture movements, focusing in TikTok’s like artists/choreographers where anyone can record their movements. The game teaches users how to dance rewarding them with dancing credits (tokens), and pay royalties for the creators.

Players, fans, pros... we enable anyone to be artist with free moves pushing boundaries of metaverse creativity.
Mimetik credits original dance creators by capturing moves with a cellphone, extracting data with Deeplearning and storing choreography moves into NFTs. In our blockchain based marketplace, artists sell avatar's movements that can be replicated and used cross platforms.
Why? Dance videos have exploded on social media. Certain metaverse concert company alone makes $500M/year on dances but doesn’t pay creators. 

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Use Case 2

Media Meets Theatre

Metaverse performances strengthen the connection between artists and fans, fuse the two roles of the performer and the player, delimiting the traditional scope of time and space. The future of performance is in the convergence with new media. Mimetik strives to make arts, shows, and performances accessible to anyone in the world through easy mocap.

Artist like Travis Scott have made 20M in 10 mins and Justin Bieber used expensive and clunky equipment to mimic their movements. Mimetik makes this tech accessible to small/medium artists.

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